4 days ago on September 19, 2014

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9   -  plot post   -  i got inspired for this randomly last week and y'know why not

1 week ago on September 14, 2014

and when I finish ME3 I’m gonna go onto DA. AND SO THE CYCLE CONTINUES.


3   -  lacy-lamb-tow

1 week ago on September 14, 2014

lmao so frankii’s on me1, i’m on me2, and ivy’s on me3

10   -  i know bonnie's playing the first dragon age too we're a cascade of bioware rn

1 week ago on September 12, 2014

"Some people don’t like the movie version, but no one," he shook his head, "likes the book version. And with good reason."  - as someone that bothered to read the book, i can vouch for this

3   -  i also saw a 1920s silent movie which kept making me laugh b/c of all the dumb over the top acting

2 weeks ago on September 9, 2014

also i somehow forgot to say when writing it even tho i told myself to when i started the section, but prospero’s brother orion is also a student

he does similar sporty????? things as my other characters

and plays in sports teams

but he’s a rly huge douche, don’t talk to him

6   -  also i hope everyone enjoys calling prospero helena for a week it'll be a hoot   -  take a shot every time a character after the au says 'i didn't know your name was helena'   -  most of them being angel

2 weeks ago on September 9, 2014

i know me and kyuhl discussed this in actual detail but i rely on him to remember these things for me and he’s eating things instead of helping me

4   -  by 'in actual detail' i mean i know who fucked who   -  which is what's important

2 weeks ago on September 9, 2014

ok fine i’mma try

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9   -  if they ain't on the list idk what to do with them   -  also i know like 0 actual courses so i just sorta uh   -  i also got v lazy near the end

2 weeks ago on September 8, 2014

noooo I’ve taken the year off, so I’ve got until next september to take it haha. IN THE SAME BOAT AS YOU

then welcome to the NEET train

2   -  ciel-tow

2 weeks ago on September 8, 2014

i’m p sure i’m like the only person in tow that’s never been to college, i still know literally 0 about it except for the stuff in sims games

6   -  don't meg and ivy start this year or something

2 weeks ago on September 7, 2014
Anonymous said: "Hanji. 1. 10. 25. 28. 34. 78."