2 days ago on August 30, 2014

i’m p sure all of my characters only wanna go to have fun. except for dylan, he’s using this as a hella drug dealing opportunity, all these crowds to deal to


3 days ago on August 29, 2014

jimena-tow replied to your post: “jimena-tow replied to your post:every time i read jimena speaking, i…”:
i went to look up what she sounds like because i couldn’t remember. she’s from madrid, too, so jimena really does probably sound something like her. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7jWn6XDok8

ok this time i was watching anime girls in tiny outfits fight tentacle monsters using magic powers they gain by making out with Generic Protag but i have now mastered the jimena accent mental image

2   -  jimena-tow

3 days ago on August 29, 2014

tbh i don’t even really know what it sounds like?? like … penelope cruz maybe? idek. she’s from spain, right? /shrugs.

yeah, she’s spanish. she used to do dumb make up and hair ads on tv but i don’t remember what she sounded like anymore lmao

2   -  jimena-tow   -  i went to watch tv oops

3 days ago on August 29, 2014

every time i read jimena speaking, i try to imagine her accent in my head but i can never figure out what a spanish accent would sound like

3   -  i've even been to spain and i can't do it

3 days ago on August 29, 2014

i’ve been distracted and not on for the past 2 days b/c i’ve been playing lots of mass effect

3   -  i'm a vanguard and i'm gonna be a lesbian   -  time to gear up the mind melding liara

6 days ago on August 26, 2014

"#more like ‘IS THERE SOMETHING GROWING IN THERE? THAT’S SO EXCITING. WHERE’S MY MICROSCOPE’"  - i was doing rly important things like ???? watching anime??? who knows but hanji nodded, she believes this is a v good representation of her


6 days ago on August 26, 2014


Berserk | Gods and Monsters

finally gosh that took over an hour to render/colour/upload

30 via strag

6 days ago on August 26, 2014

oh my god it didn’t render right so i had to render it again but now it’s taking 3 times as fucking long ew


6 days ago on August 26, 2014

guess who finished a proper amv for the first time in forever


1 week ago on August 25, 2014

also gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun is rly good and i’d recommend it a lot